What Type of Roofing is Good For You in 2020?

New homeowners, builders, landlords and people who have owned their home for more than 10 years all have one thing in common: They usually around this time are inspecting their roof and or considering some replacements or pondering about which they should choose for the house they are building. Thankfully this isn’t such a bad thing if you find yourself in one of these categories-so long as you know what you’re getting yourself into.

Why Sweat the Details?

When you are in a hurry, just after a weather disaster, or a move out, or whatever maybe be pushing you to get the job, you will often find yourself settling for what is convenient at the time. While some people may see nothing wrong with this there definitely is something wrong with it. If you end up choosing something inexpensive and affordable in comparison to something with a much longer lifespan, you may find yourself wasting time, money and effort. Nobody wants that right? So, before you do the job, make sure you research and compare enough to successfully roof your establishment with the security that it was a worthy investment.

There Cannot Be That Many Factors to Consider…Right?

Oh, I wish there wasn’t, but alas it just must be a little complicated like everything else. If you are anyone needing to do some roof repair, you must consider expenses vs. budget. What can you afford? And is what you can afford worth it? But believe it or not that’s just the easiest out of the factors. You need to consider whether you will have roofers to come and do the work locally, going through a roofing company or hiring a certified independent roofing contractor. You need to choose your roofing materials based on your geographical location-for example if you live in Florida, the best bet isn’t to get a tin roof or flimsy shingles. You don’t want a tin roof in Arizona. See what I mean? Not to mention if you have a particularly flexible budget, you can have the option to install solar panels along with your roof if you are one of the people who like to go green. If you are marketing, you may choose a specific color and type of material to appeal to the possible buyers and or match the neighborhood that the house is in. Yes, it is all overwhelming, however it must be thought of.

Well What is the Best Type of Roofing for Me?

It depends on the factors, but I can give you a general summary of materials and with what situation they match-but remember it isn’t a one size fits all.

Asphalt Shingles

These guys come mainly in two types-3 tabs and laminated. They’re the most inexpensive kind and come with plenty of colors to choose from, but they are known for being the weakest when it comes to weather. They are recommended if you are on a tight budget or must match a unique color scheme, but otherwise many would skip them if they could.

Metal Roofing

You’d see these bad boys mostly in the cold states believe it or not-with the melting snow running off like rain and the heat from inside potentially melting said snow, they can be a great choice. They’re not so expensive, but more than asphalt. Overall, they’re a good sturdy buy-but don’t go for the amazingly cheap sales. Most of the time those will rust.

Cedar Shingles

These beautiful specimens are the materials you see on the rooftops of Beverly hills. They give that old classical feel and appeal and are in for the long haul. But make sure before you buy, you have enough financial backing because they do cost a pretty penny.

Clay Tile

This is something not used much today, but in small towns or in neighborhoods with “Aesthetic”. It is durable and beautiful, ranging in colors. The upgrade from asphalt.

Slate Roofing

Imagine a metropolitan doctors office. That roof? Yeah, it’s more than likely slate. Its kind of like the opposite of cedar. Its attractive and beautiful but gives a very uniform and clinical feel. But costs just as much.

Faux Slate Roofing

Slate roofing without the cost and less durability, and a little less clinical feel.

Well now that I have enlightened you on the true effort it takes to choose roofing materials, remember one thing-It isn’t as bad as you think, and as long as its done right you can best believe you’ll love the rewards.